Cooperation is essential for harmony | Part-1

Cooperation is essential for harmony | Part-1

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Each component of nature is born and develops according to its own fixed law. This rule system is not only applicable to any specific areas but wherever progress, development and dynamics are seen, these rules are seen working there.

It is believed that man has progressed and developed more than all other beings in this nature. The credit for that growth and development is given to his intelligence. There is no harm in considering the intelligence of man as the basis of his progress because he has made so much progress with his intellect in comparison to other beings that he could get the credit for being crowned as the creation. If there is some fact in this belief, then an amendment will have to be made in it that intelligence has become available only on the basis of cooperation. Has man progressed because of his brain characteristic? Only a thick intellect can blindly support this belief. The conclusion of subtle thinking is that only one spiritual virtue can be the basis for developing many abilities including his brain. If there is no significant progress, it is possible on the basis of body structure and neither is it dependent on brain acuity. Its main reason is some emotional elements of conscience. The motivation of those loyalties arouses will power, activism and readiness arise, brain and body parts work together and keep moving fast in the direction of loyalty. People have always risen and fallen on the same basis.

Cooperation can be called the very inspiring divine tendency that is at the root of human intelligence, physical effort and effort. In fact, this is the greatest feature of human beings. This instinct is found in other beings, but often that body is limited to proximity. They are not capable of mental exchange. Some animals and birds are used to living together in a group, this helps them in safety, some make minor physical exchanges, but mental and emotional exchanges do not come from the falls. Due to the limited use of cooperative instincts, other beings have been living from the beginning of the world till now, while humans developed that divine tendency more and more and were able to reach the highest peak of progress.

Two roots or undeveloped animals together make up the number of two. Two bulls can pull twice the weight than one. If you have two rupees than one, double goods can be purchased. But where the intensive cooperation of the spirit-oriented human beings will begin, this rule will change and the number of eleven will become one by one. If the parts of 1 and 1 are above the bottom, then their sum will be 1 but write the same digits equal, then the number will become 11. The same principle of organ mathematics is applicable to the emotional leader. Two wise leopards can spoil the order of the forest together, but cannot make it, because, in the absence of emotional support, they cannot do anything other than weave the fabric of each other to demean each other to protect and attack each other. Apart from finding opportunities, they cannot think of anything else. If the lions — the emotional unity among the elephants — had an instinct of cooperation and man would have been deprived of that divine grant, they would surely have been ruling the worldly living beings and humans would have been eager to find their grace in some way Would have been completing the day.

to be continued in Part-2…

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