Cooperation is essential for harmony | part-2

Cooperation is essential for harmony | part-2

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A variety of qualifications together complete imperfection. Take the family in it, when people of many different characteristics live together, they create a unique joy. The abilities of a husband and wife are of different types, both of them benefit when they get together and both makeup for their shortcomings. The experience of the elders, the humour of the children, the wealth of the earners etc. together creates such a balance in which the interest of all the members of the family is the means. All enjoy each other – enjoy the benefits of co-operation and live happily, but if there is no co-operation among the members of the family, only strangers living in an inn can live like passengers, then their non-cooperation and self-reliance make that group joyless, Will make it monotonous and full of problems and its disintegration will seem to be credible.

The uninterrupted process of mutual cooperation is the basis of not only development but also joy. In the physical world, this fact can be experienced on the pug step. The atom, which is considered to be the smallest unit, is not solitary, but neutrons, protons etc., are able to sustain the activities of the universe only on the basis of their partners. The planetary constellations in the sky are hanging in the sky due to their mutual attraction. If there is no combination of five elements, then the existence of this world should not come to light. Everyone knows how much responsibility, bonding and duties are associated with marriage. The man who is dealing with them gets out of control. The woman has to do austerities like severe pain of childbirth, the most difficult task of child-rearing and almost self-surrender in keeping husband and in-laws happy. Males also do not have to bear less weight. Despite being aware of these difficulties, everyone sits on the hope of marriage and feels happy as soon as an opportunity comes. Couples whose life develops in a dense affinity seem to be a mutual affinity for them, and they continue to rejoice even at the time of their loss. Seeing all this, one has to come to the conclusion that the spiritual intimacy of individuals provides so much fulfilment and peace.

The above example of husband and wife is given only. Whatever the relationship maybe — men and women — women and women may also have such internal density. That friendship can be named any relationship. This is love. Beginning with individuals in accordance with nature, this human being goes on developing love only in social consciousness and in the conscious consciousness encompassing in the later universe. The emergence and expansion of joy come from that. The softness, softness, simplicity and simplicity of conscience are in fact the greatest wealth of human life, those who are rich in affection, who are lovers, who are gentle and generous, should be called perfect men who are well-versed with spiritual beings. Such a person is called a great human, angel and divine power. It should be understood that the union of soul and divine union, which has been attained, has achieved the goal of perfection. Absence is in isolation.

The life process of a fetus cannot be dynamic without placing its blood, flesh, milk and milk without keeping it in the stomach of the mother. The child cannot acquire the facilities of food, clothes, etc. He needs the help of parents for this. The student can read on his own, but he has to get the expenses of the book, fees etc. from the father and the teacher from the teaching support, without this his education cannot run with a single effort. Parents take care of their children, they take responsibility for the upbringing of their children as they grow up. This gradual tradition goes on. The progress process of the spiritual path also goes on like this. The Guru provides his disciple with his tenacity capital, after which the disciple does not sit down for himself, but he helps his students by keeping that tradition in the forefront.

If we look at the various activities of nature, then even on the basis of cooperation and cooperation, harmony is seen to be stable. The sea gives to the clouds — the cloud gives to the land — the land sends that water back to the sea through rivers. This work is the foundation of world stability and greenness – peace and coolness.

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