Dig deeper in knowledge wealth

Dig deeper in knowledge wealth

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Nobel laureate French scientist Alexis Karel has said — we have discovered a lot and are going to discover even more mysterious nature mysteries the next day, but ‘man’ still remains as ignorant as before. The truth is that he is losing in such a way that it will be difficult to find him the next days. The knowledge wealth of man has increased at an amazing speed, but in his relation, he is still gripped by immense ignorance. It is happy to see the number of scholars increasing but sorry that the ‘knowledgeable’ are going away fast. Chinese philosopher Laotse used to say the difference between a scholar and a scholar – he who knows himself is a scholar and he who knows others is a scholar. Increasing clumsiness in our relationship is keeping a man in complex complications and society is facing difficult problems.

Alexis, the author of the book Man the Unknown, wrote – Chemical analysis of human body is simple. There has also been a success in understanding the movements of ingredients. It is also known that where the brain moves and changes the way, it is also being known that the search for the ‘human’ in its original power is not visible to those who take the news. Civilization and wealth are developing, but the man’s backwardness remains intact. Man has made the world worthy but he has become ‘alien’ for himself. The pressure of numbness is increasing and when he looks away from the crowd, it seems that he belongs to no one and no one. The damage to its own self is so great that it may not be possible to complete all the stages of progress and the said task together.

Thinking analysis is going on in the segment of humans. Each and every part of its existence has been given the form of the whole scripture. There is also knowledge of sections like anatomy, psychology, sociology, economics, so nothing will be made useful without understanding the entire human being without paying attention to its basic nature and tendency. If one hole springs and another explodes, then how long will that repair work. The research of science is done with the purpose of fulfilling certain requirements of human beings and enhancing the knowledge, but why is their sadness on the part of the great science which can be called the whole human discourse – signs of man.

Used in the inventions of science – the sweat particles of the workers have completed the huge construction – the plans of construction are made by the engineers. Artists enthral the attendees by dissolving their consciousness in emotional waves. If the enlightened person can co-ordinate his thoughts and actions, he can present his personalities as a successful laboratory, then the public will also get excited for him. If the goal is high and determination is high then it is not too difficult for a human being to emit the biggest. Establishing idealistic beliefs that coordinate thinking and behaviour can be the great revolution of our era. Hope for a bright future will be bound by that. To lead this, such pioneers are needed who can adopt self-creation as per the ideals, the most effective solution for public education and establish the tradition of burning new lamps by burning lamps.

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