for the benefit of mankind

for the benefit of mankind

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The basic principle of human beings is cooperation and creative. These two basic tendencies can be called the basis of progress. Otherwise, his physical backwardness is evident compared to how many other beings. Mental development is the result of co-operation, otherwise, in terms of cleverness and skill, beings of thousands of castes are ahead of them and compete in many capacities.

The trend of co-operation created clan together, settled families, structured the society, increased production, created economies and established governance. Security, agriculture, industry, education, rituals etc. were created and operated. Many sources of knowledge-science emerged, humour, art, religion, spirituality, language, literature etc. can only be called the grant of cooperatives.

Such a well developed a tendency of creation and is not found in any creature as in human beings. Other beings are able to give this tendency to the extent of building their habitat, but humans have moved beyond body facility and presented many types of creation. Works such as language, literature, music, arts are not such that without which their daily subsistence cannot be completed. By engaging in small and big inventions of science, research purposes, he has discovered the subtle powers of nature and has moved beyond land and made his move in the water – sky. The rugged terrain of the primitive era is adorned like a picturesque garden today. Human labour and skill have been employed to enhance the beauty of nature and to make it reach the present state of giving many grants. Many such fields like industry, business, social governance, education, arts, science, communication, vehicles have reached the pinnacle of progress which were not even known in the primitive times. Then his imagination was not possible. All this can be called a miracle of human creative power.

In order to understand this fact, we must think deeply about the internal state of the human body.

It is a mistake to understand that even individual unity is sufficient. All its features rest on the cooperation organization process, in fact, it is just a group of many components – cells and vascular fibres – of many components. If anyone of these parts gets busy, then the body which seems strong in view becomes weak and weak with suffering.

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