How science has changes humanity

How science has changes humanity

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From primitive times a man must have felt afraid when he went beyond the limited periphery of animal food, sleep, fear, sexual intercourse and tried to understand the environment around him. The Sun of Fire, the moon and stars shining in the sky, the cycle of day and night, the clouds of lightning, the lightning, the movement of rivers, the waves of the sea, the formation of lions and snakes, the birth and death Must have understood the handiwork of invisible superhuman and thought some way of undertaking worship to avoid their anger and help. Possibly spiritual worship has started from here. Alone arbitrariness would have adopted the tendency to remain in the group, otherwise, it would not have been possible to enhance cooperation and resolve conflicts.

Religion has gone from here. Now we divide religion and spirituality into two streams, both were one in the past. The tendency of greed flourished after fear. He must have hoped to get the desired benefit from the super-human beings, from the gods. They will have to seek cooperation to remove the obstacles and provide desired results. Then the human will not be able to maintain the importance of the triviality of his efforts and the predominance of the aspirations which the animals and birds instinctively take. They easily adjust to the available circumstances and personal aspirations and adapt themselves to what they are, being content with what they are. Human aspirations grew and solutions remained limited. In such a situation, he would have thought it appropriate to catch the foot of any invisible superman – the demons. At the same time, the form of the deity of the mantra system was formed. They continued to be considered divine, on the basis of which the ordination of such legislation continued.

The history of the development of religion has been going on step by step along with thinking about human consciousness. Moving beyond the individualistic aspirations of fear and greed, humans are increasingly dependent on society to understand that group movements affect humans immensely. Mutual cooperation, non-cooperation, policy adherence and violation activities create more convenience-inconvenience.

Happiness and sorrow create these conditions. Therefore, the policies and norms of the individual and society should be made more and more sophisticated. This belief included the knowledge of the policy, the elements of benevolence in religion and for this, the ethics developed. Religion was interpreted as a display of enthusiasm for policy-making and generosity. This is the era of theology. One soul is absorbed in all — all of them have their own power shining — all of them are within themselves — all have the image of one soul. Everyone belongs to himself and his own. This unique human wisdom of the world human, the world family, is truly a wonderful and very useful day of religion. The balance of increasing social dependence sits with this belief. Increased Population — The scientific achievements that have presented the means of communication and rapid vehicles have shrunk the spread of the vast world. Now it can be reached from one end of the earth to the other within a few hours. A country is not only affected by its neighbours – it is also affected by the internal conditions of distant countries. The progress and decline of a person are no longer dependent on his personal efforts but social circumstances compel him to become, change. The power of the individual is getting concentrated in the fist of society. The person has completely become a part of the social machine. In this circumstances, if a person is asked to become a social worker, he should be asked to add his progress and progress as the rise and fall of society, then it is absolutely appropriate and timely.

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