Maturity in the field of science

Maturity in the field of science

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Maturity has come in science. So researches have given new grounds. Now the urge not to believe in God has become an old-fashioned thing. The latest problem is that the power of matter is not going to end. Science determines the properties and nature of matter, but when the power of matter is lost, then the existence of science will depend on it? Huge scientists today are thinking that the entire structure of physics that stands before the eyes is not a magical palace. Research in modern physics has only paved the way for the support of the infinite possibilities of spirituality, which were in the first half of the nineteenth century to the twentieth. Till date, it was considered mere. The discovery of the power of ‘matter’ led to the ‘atom’ and the discovery of the atom came to light with the fact that these are just the impact of electric waves and now, by the latest research, it is clear that these electric waves also Unknown waves are only a fraction of the groups. In this way, physics has come very close to the establishments of by reaching the fact of unknown infinite waves. Modern physicists have come to this place filled with amazement and mystery and the resolve of curiosity and investigation has become more intense in them. Because they are seeing clearly that the unknown waves of which they have come to know in the sequence of the original power of matter, it is very difficult to know what the waves are in their original form because these waves -Groups cannot go anywhere, basically. But the information we have about the electronic procedure, it is as if it is a mental structure.

In this way, the objective world is becoming contained and extinct in the field of mind and soul. Today if a physicist is asked what this world is, he will answer that till now we can get all the information about energy and ‘electronic mechanism’, if we tie it to the imagination, even if we Name the fundamental power of the world as a few wave-groups, but the fact is that this world is only a conglomerate of unknown and inexplicable waves, about which we can say whatever we know, but this request Also, we do not know what the original form is. That is to say, ‘hard said tough.’

In this way, science is also humble today like spirituality and is declaring its boundaries. The noise of childlessness has stopped. Such science has never been obstinate. His atheism was merely a report of his position, no definite conclusion, he never denied the possibility of the existence of the enlightened power of creation. He has been presenting the findings of his workable topic. His major theme has been analysis, deliberation and conclusion of object power with the help of microscope tools based on sense perception. In this process, he is making ‘Matter’ in his research area. He has been discussing the fundamental power of Matter with dedication and labour. But now the basic authority of this matter has become doubtful and uncertain.

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