Satisfaction is an important virtue

Satisfaction is an important virtue

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Satisfaction is considered important in spiritual virtues. The unsatisfied always have to be surrounded by grief. Whereas the Satisfaction does not feel lacking in anything and neither does he feel restless like the poor.

By satisfaction, it means balance. Such charges are considered to be dominant in making the mentally unbalanced, but they do not stay for long. Milk does not always boil. A wave comes from it and removes as much milk as it can out of the pot. Both the charges of love and malice are such that they become loose with the speed of time. If there was stability in them, people would die by being surrounded by that eagerness when friends were separated, similarly, the happiness of union does not last long. The love that arises in the new couple on the wedding day, after a few days, it comes to the surface as a normal husband and wife. Thus, hostility also loosens over time. When close friends go away, that friendship also becomes like a common acquaintance. Whether the rage is of any level, dear or unpleasant, it becomes cold due to the stroke of time. Jowar – like ebb, like night and day, good and bad emergence arising out of unpleasant events keep boiling and calming from time to time, but dissatisfaction is a disease which remains same in every watch, every situation and Do not let the man sit in peace.

On analyzing dissatisfaction, it appears that it is a hypothetical fallacy associated with unrealism. Which, when accustomed, the brain becomes accustomed to thinking in a particular way. He wants a lot. Wants to be very big. Wants to establish ownership over lots. The urge to tie the bridge of praise and keep running on it is constantly riding on it. This craving matures and takes the form of dissatisfaction which is difficult to get rid of easily.

Human reality needs are very limited. It is not so difficult to manage the bread to fill the stomach, the cloth to cover the body, and the shade to stay, for which you have to stay day and night and still not be fulfilled. In fact, after having worked hard for a few hours, in return, there can be so many earnings, that the way of subsistence can keep moving freely. If the concerned family is also inspired from the beginning of becoming self-reliant, they will be able to pull the boat of life on their own feet by standing on their feet in no time. If the feet are not intentionally trapped in the vicious cycle of child production, then the life of husband and wife can be spent with great happiness and convenience, helping each other. Trouble comes when, despite the lack of money, time and environment necessary to make the children fit, they have to be engaged in reproduction without closing their eyes and so much weight is carried on the head which the whole life is to be carried in a haphazard manner. Passes. Nevertheless, he remains dissatisfied with children and children. There is a lot of discord everywhere due to neglect of duty and prevalence of authority. Then how can the family area remain untouched by it? Particularly those families which are surrounded by fortifications, which have not received practical education to keep the attitude high. Most families have a condition in which psychopathology prevails. A series of complaints keep on coming. Discord, Deity and Manomalin remain. Man’s foolishness is the reason for deliberately wrapping this hell around itself. Otherwise, considering the family as a godly industry, it should be watered like a gardener, instead of accepting the small family as its own, if it is accepted as a family, then the service is made to be a spiritual practice and there is no less happiness.

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