Science is no longer deniable

Science is no longer deniable

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The mysterious achievements, which are discussed in the field of spirituality, will be found to be the basis of those miracles and miracles connected with some stream of science, if not tomorrow, which is present in the interval of nature but has not come to light yet. There is no existence of amazing here. Everything is well organized. The system, the reasons for which we do not know, is amazing. The manifestation of fire at the beginning was also a divine miracle. After his secret was known, a common undertaking of nature was accepted by him. Similarly, whenever any source erupts from the deep layers of personal consciousness, they appear to be divine. If research is pursued, it is possible to reach there with the help of a formula where personal miracles are produced from any deep layers of consciousness. Similarly, if we can understand the form and use of the ocean of consciousness enlightened in this vast universe, then one can find the basis which is called the boon boasting in the divine realms. The miracles of individual personalities and divine compassion continue to be discussed and are called non-material, but the fact remains that those who are sensible or intellectual are all fundamental. It is a mistake to consider spiritual practices or achievements outside the physical realm in the name of spirituality. The courage to say that what is done with the help of substances or which is felt by eleven senses, including the mind, can be wise, but it cannot be taken down by the philosophy. In the same way, ideals in the evolution, research, promotion and use of science cannot be discarded. In this way, religion and science can be understood as two siblings born from the same stomach and they have full scope to work together in mutual cooperation.

Science is no longer as reluctant to deny indirect power as in the previous century. Countless branch of MATA Physics and Parapsychology is engaged in research on what facts are involved in the core of psychic perception. Mathematician C.A. Darwin has said in his book ‘The New Conceptions of Matter’ – In its time, it is a great revolution in the scientific field that the power of what is indirect is also included in the field of research. Scientist Herbert Diggle has accepted Gone are the days when the field of science was limited to mere facts. Now his field of work has moved forward and mysteries have also been considered as suitable bases for research. According to the statement of astronomer Edigreen, the mysteries of science have also been considered as suitable grounds for research. According to the statement of astronomer Edigreen, the mysteries of science have also been included in the facts, this means that they have got the courage to reach and enter the safe boundary area of ​​spirituality.

These days, science has duly incorporated mysticism into its field, but the erstwhile sciences have not been completely orthodox in that context. They are planning their research in both religion and science directions and believe in the possibility of their coordination have been. Paracelsus, Bruno, Paschal, Newton etc. can be calculated among the scientists of this class. Plato was an eminent coordinator of his time. He conditioned the curious to come to philosophical discussion that he must be knowledgeable of mathematics. A plank hung on his door, which said – ‘The one who does not know mathematics should not come in.’

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