Scientific thoughts on spiritualism | Part-1

Scientific thoughts on spiritualism | Part-1

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Soul exists or not? This can be answered both yes and no. Yes, it is good for those who are able to think and draw conclusions on subtle topics based on knowledge. No, for those who want to see conscious power only with the help of senses. Conscious is subtle, it can be understood and seen by knowledge of conscious consciousness. Seeing the tears flowing from one’s eyes, the eyes can only tell that a thin stream of water is flowing from the pits under the values. To know that there is no pain behind that water, it is possible to know the feeling of living conscience. If it is not there, then with the help of scientific instruments in tears and sweat nothing much difference can be found. Sunlight and the beauty of the flower can be felt only by those whose eyes are right. If the vision ends then all the visions of the world will end for themselves. Even if they remain the same for other people. The importance of the existence of substances is more important in the perception of visuals than its vision. It is this knowledge that introduces us to a myriad of mysterious mystics compared to the gross form of visual or audio. There are two aspects of knowledge, one is thinking and the other is sensation. Thoughts are the product of the brain, they come from outside, with the help of training and experience. Emotions arise from within, they are the output of conscience. Thoughts grow in knowledge and maturity comes in the intellect, but their impact has little impact on the end. There is no guarantee of internal excellence even after reading and listening a lot. There are so many people whose ears got caught listening to good talks and eyes got tired doing self-study. Still, there was no significant difference in his original tendencies. Greed and fascination did not stop them even a little. Work the charges of anger are not reduced. Among the sermons, religious belief and patriotism in the leaders are often seen as much as the artistry of the subject discussion. They are not able to impress themselves with the arguments with which they influence others because they are visitors from outside. Not your home member. The interior is the storehouse of emotions. They are dispersed from there and due to their magnetism they are attracted and absorbed from the outer world. The speed of thought is on the basis of logic and fact and they take the form of science growing. On the basis of the idea, this sacrament is just a bunch or a bouquet. Or it can be called blind region of different types of wave current. The whole world remains filled with electromagnetic waves. Some such names can also be given to him. The brain is focused on the knowledge of matter and keeps its limits under the same circumference. This is his dignity. Beyond that, no such thing can be known or found on the basis of the brain, which is related to the heart, the inner being.

Emotion is the production of conscience. Only a passionate person can experience the agony of others. Stone’s heart does not have any effect on one’s compassionate position, but keeps looking at others like ruthlessness and screaming, being ruthless like the situation-wise, many times it has been seen humming and consuming juice from them.

Religion can be said to be the source of sensation. That preaching is not a remedy, by which the haze that has been applied to the celestial eye can be removed. The removal of that haze is seen to be the accumulated power at the interval of the substance. With that, there is a feeling of the cosmic wide consciousness which has a constituent soul. The qualities, religion, temperament and use of matter are known by thought, religion is interviewed by the soul and life is trained to be trained to follow the discipline of the soul.

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