Scientific thoughts on spiritualism | Part-2

Scientific thoughts on spiritualism | Part-2

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The thick definition of knowledge is information. The accumulation of the same is augmented by education. The combined result of the imaginations of the mind and the decision power of the intellect is called intelligence skills. Intelligence, understanding, scholarship and expertise are the result of this. Even so, all this intelligence has no effect on the pain. Religion is fire, whose origin is the soul. The light that emerges from the interval of the soul, whose light can be seen as intuition, is self-realization. This is the manifestation of this and illuminating the entire field of self-power. The field of thought is called education, the practice of inner feelings is called learning and the science of learning. It is sensuous, so its sensations are also called imperceptible. Humans suffer happily for the fulfillment of divine convictions like mercy, compassion, love, service, generosity, sacrifice, sacrifice, self-control, self-discipline. They abandon their greed and incur losses in physical terms. There are various types of harm caused by the vested interests of the idealists, even in liberal behavior they sacrifice something. Country devotees and ascetics have to lead a miserable life and many times they have to wash their hands from their lives. The physical criterion of intelligence sees losses in them. There is no such thing as direct benefit from walking on this path. Yet those steps are taken by violating the limits of understanding, which the practical intellect will prove foolishly with the help of its materialistic mathematics. In spite of this, any internal exaltation arises in such a way by violating all the arguments and the higher level demands sacrifice, sacrifice to satisfy the hunger of affection and many harmony also fulfill it.

This sensation is fire. His desires are dominated by the field of karma. The inspiration of the beliefs gives direction to the thought system and results in the karma of thoughts. In this area, when the intensity comes, the senses are awakened and information such as distant vision, distant hearing, inauguration of the mysteries of nature, future possibilities are available which are out of the grip of normal sense potential.

Yoga is the name of the law of peace, stability and refinement of the inner institution. The poses that is discussed in the practice of yoga is the process of stirring the senses of conscience, by relaxing the running of the brain. This is said to be the prevention of the mind. Upon attaining this status one experiences the presence of the soul in its existence and aroused a spontaneous acceptance of accepting its discipline. The moments of surrender are full of these emotions. It is so blissful to get drenched in the divinity in the divine, that he experiences all the descriptions made in relation to the philosophy of God as reality.

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