‘Show-off’ will lead you nowhere

‘Show-off’ will lead you nowhere

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In making chic-weights, people have to spend so much of their expensive bravado by showing dust in the eyes of the people. Man’s waist begins to break only when he gathers to show-off. At the same time, there is also the fear that the credit that has been merged more than merit should not be exposed and instead of getting greatness, humiliation, reproach, ridicule should not be endured. Then what is the benefit of that nobility that flashes like lightning for a second and goes into the trough of oblivion for another moment? If a policy of ‘simple living, high thought’ is made, the standard of living of the average citizen is adopted, then in that state of naturalism, you can always remain content. Sustenance can also be done properly and in the remaining time after earning a livelihood, you can continue to earn immense happiness by engaging in goodwill, determination and promotion of self-harm. The desire to become physically limited and spiritually unbounded is one that can be easily fulfilled and can be spent satisfactorily.

To be content does not mean being unproductive or lazy. Effort should be made in every field. It should also be kept in mind to earn meaning but at the same time, it should be used to save savings after running expenses with simplicity, to remove backwardness from the society and to broaden the sentiments. In such a situation, even earning that meaning also seems to be of virtuous charity. In that case, you can remain content with only the amount you earn.

If you continue to make displeasure as much as possible, to make your personality full of virtues, then there is no harm. Such aspiration is a sign of spiritual progress. When this spiritual hunger is distorted, lust erupts in the form of craving, and egoism, and quickly fills the impulse to indulge in the agony of a lot. In the same distraction, the creature wanders in the musk-like deer and is unable to fill the sea-like moat, and is always trapped in such a restlessness, which is like a burning fire, as much fuel as flamed.

The urge to gather glory usually keeps a man more dissatisfied. It is difficult to fulfil it. In general, poor dissatisfaction is found when there is a decrease in subsistence. This can be accomplished simply by waking up the effort. All the creatures of the world keep making effort to protect the body from morning till evening according to nature’s inspiration. They wake up hungry but do not sleep hungry. Man is richer than him, the body is the master of intelligence. There is no reason why he could not fulfil his proper requirements, due to which man had to be deprivation. Laziness is also two major obstacles in this path, which a human being can easily overcome.

The patient, the handicapped, the child, the old man, etc. must face more inconvenience, but such people are less and if they wish, they adopt tolerance, compare themselves with more sorrows, cooperate with generous warnings, their humility and sweetness. By attracting through it, you can remain in the same state of mind, which can be said to be affected by satisfaction.

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