Stop fueling your inner perversions

Stop fueling your inner perversions

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The unusual, revealing emergence of lust, craving and ego in internal vicious tendencies creates many defects – these are the main psychics. This is the emergence seen in actions, but in reality, they do not have an independent existence. It should be understood as a result of the above mentioned three trends. Lust and indulgent perversions are often discussed, but basically, ego should be considered, it is another name for ego. A person wants to show himself to be senior in the eyes of others and collects many types of patterns for him. Thus, its simple, simple and gentle way is that ordinary people live a life in terms of virtue, deeds and nature, they are badly trapped in the clutches of hex-rips. As a result, their position is like male-animal, male-palmer or male-vampire in terms of thinking and character. Who was the leader in the field of these vicious trends – this is the competition in them. They keep showing successes at the same level in the name of their cleverness, skill and success. The average man’s ego appears in this form. The evil-abusers incorporate their immoral acts into pride and dignity and see and demonstrate the events of incest and aggression of deceit-oppression as their uniqueness.

If this leprosy is reversed and adopted with gentlemanly decency, it becomes the basis of genuine admiration and prestige. With that much, a position of self-respect, self-pride and self-attrition is created. It is a misconception of the people that by adopting little tricks, their glory can be advertised in the form of Menken. On this basis, those praising others do not miss the second moment in turning away and blasphemy. As the fluttering curtain of the front is removed, the reality begins to speak. Fashion, dress, rich people like that, any attack on a weak person, cheating a gentleman, depositing a lot of wealth in the house, sweetening the mouth of the smoothie and listening to your praise People with ungodly arrogance continue to do misdeeds and in that they lose a lot of time, labour, money and contemplation. The demonstrative approach created on this basis is of no use other than to create momentary and unreal irony.

Girls and boys who dress up in beautiful dresses, wearing expensive clothes and jewellery and smelling of oil and fuel think that the way they will come out there, the audience will appreciate their artistry, beauty and wealth, but the opposite is true. A finger is raised on his character, he is believed to be a wanderer inviting misconduct. Frivolous is considered short-sighted and childishly childish; cosmetics leave the same impression on everyone, even if someone utters a few words of praise in front of them for an unfair advantage.

Simplicity is closely related to high thoughts. Costumes like Gandhi, Jesus and Buddha were cheap and self-contained. Even sages and great men did not allow their costumes to be more expensive than the average countrymen — these are the costumes of decency. This type of cover does not decrease anyone’s reputation, but increases. People wearing expensive clothes and expensive jewellery are considered demonstrators of farce-dramas, or what is said to be a waste of idiocy, rather than putting money into a suitable work for the promotion of virtues. The worst performance of Ego is seen as the decoration of the decoration.

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