The adaptability is the key feature of Nature

The adaptability is the key feature of Nature

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The man had an abundance of animal instincts, living and activity were also of the same level. He used to live his life like animals and birds on the grants of nature, some progress in the direction of progress and then he made effort. Learned industries like agriculture, animal husbandry, became aware of the laws and regulations like clothing, residence, fire burning. Learned to speak and write and became accustomed to the practices of their respective communities. Material progress has been progressing in this direction. With the achievements of science, mechanization, economics and governance, it has reached where it is today. He has a wealth of facilities in front of him. This is the second thing that he cannot use it properly by keeping his personality substandard. This is the account of human progress. Some of the humans have become defiant, tyrannical, leery, aggressive, luxuriant and egoistic and some have to remain in a lost state due to their senselessness and lack of talent.

A man is said to have a monkey’s child because his feelings and thoughts revolve around belly-breeding, he dies for stomach-breeding. If enough, it proves its uniqueness by making it up, making a mark and being aggressive. Those who cannot do so much, spend the day cursing the adversity of circumstances and the inverse of fate. Most of the humans are seen with the same primitive, wild, or cunning nature. The abundance of the population has neither provided the pride and dignity of the people nor contributed to making the society prosperous and cultured. The irony that generates dazzling is scattered all around, but it is disappointing to see his culminating reactions and there is the confusion that he has been honoured with the names of the crown prince of God etc. Is that it? Which does not understand anything except greed, fascination, selfishness, lust, craving and ego.

Such is the extent of natural perfection. Living beings live for themselves, gather their own needs and continue to cherish their own happiness and adaptability. Even though nature is alien, a person can live in the same condition in which other living beings die and kill, fall and fall.

The bright appearance of human dignity develops when it links its relation to the ideal idealism makes his thinking, character behaviour and effort praiseworthy. To mould it in this structure, the sages have composed the scriptures, they have created the framework of spiritual philosophy. We have made many laws of yoga and penance have created many remedies and rituals of devotion to God. The basic objective of many legal systems of this self-attrition is that one should attain heaven, liberation and accomplishment in this life. All three are not related to any other folk or like magic-miracles, but they can be seen directly as personal greatness. The refinement of approach is ‘heaven’, ‘liberation’ from the evil practices and ‘Siddhi’ to maintain life at a remarkable level. It is enough to do this for self-empowerment. Less than that does not serve that purpose, nothing more needs to be done. He did whatever he could to appease the deities of the sky, to awaken the god within himself.

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