The glory of tenacity is immense

The glory of tenacity is immense

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When filled with water in a pit made of raw clay, it gets wet and disintegrates in a few hours, but if it is cooked in the amoe, then it gets stronger and works longer. It is a miracle of meditation. The refining of metals is also similar. They emerge from the soil in mixed condition. In that case, they are not eligible to be used for any work. They are melted after being put in a furnace, then the pure metal is exposed. The waste gets separated by burning. If this process is intimidated or avoided, then the giant circumambulation of metals will be lying idle and no useful tool will be made from them.

Houses made of raw clay dissolve or collapse when it rains, but if those bricks are cooked and built then the issues will remain intact. The dishes are made only after the confection has been lit on the stove.
If the sun heats up in summer, clouds form from the sea, and after pouring down, they fill the land with velvety greenery. The ascetic performs yoga and awakens the latent power centres on the basis of that butter. In schools, students are taught to practice hard lives. Due to this, they become capable of performing tremendous valour.

The glory of tenacity is immense. When tolerance is practised for the fulfilment of a noble purpose, it is called austerity. This can be done for physical purposes as well as for spiritual purposes. Trees that grow and grow in harsh conditions also green on mountain tops. The storms are hit by storms, but the flowers that enhance the beauty of the gardens wither like mimosa as soon as the cold-summer heat comes. The facilities of the rich make them dormant, but the wrists of the workers who dig the mines are strong and the umbrellas are tight. Those who are under great hardship are seen to have great might, but those who have been followed in the cradle of flowers, are pricked to keep their feet on the ground. They do not have the strength to face difficulties, every season falls against them. Seasonal diseases in a way make them their permanent agents. Women who are away from labour have to bear the pain of death at the time of delivery. Many times, she loses her life in this context, while the women who beat the blood of the jewellers in this way become a mother, as if nothing extraordinary has happened. Even two to four days do not take leave from this big work till the holiday. Comparative studies show that the key to health and long-life is associated with labour. The forest dwellers drop the leopard with a coal-Bhil arrow when they neither get nutritious food nor are they able to provide convenient means.

Everyone who is on the path of progress has to work hard in their own way. Wrestlers, scholars, scientists, heroes, artists do not become proficient in their subjects spontaneously, they have to be busy and work hard like peasant-labourers.

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