Your personal ethics determines a lot

Your personal ethics determines a lot

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People of a certain level will be praised if they prove their evils exaggerated in society. In jail, criminals who narrate more interesting and terrible details of their misdeeds, others are stunned to listen to them but are never ready to forget to accompany them when the opportunity arises. Think that such people can shave anyone. They do not have any kind of relatives, they do the same with whom they associate friendship first. The slyness or ruthlessness shown in misdeeds cannot be a matter of pride or prestige, hating and condemning people in ten directions. When the opportunity arises, it does not take long for them to bend not only to face ambush. The wicked have no fans and allies all over the world. Even if there is no further admiration for those who adopt gentleness, every person from within has reverence for them and a sense of cooperation. This is not a feat of any lesser importance. Great men rise above the normal status and achieve great status and prestige, due to this, the honour and cooperation available on the basis of gentleness is the main reason.

Gentlemen have a definite quality – humility and modesty are seen by their simplicity. The government had given the title of ‘Sir’ to Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviyaji. He was invited by the University of Calcutta to accept an honorary ‘doctorate’. Pandit Mahasabha gave him the title of Pandit Shiromani. He rejected these three titles and said – My father has given the traditional title of ‘Pandit’, I feel it is heavy, then how can it be possible for me to bear them by fighting with titles. This humility is the example of one, for this reason, the dignity of Malaviyaji has not decreased but increased. Saints like Sur, Tulsi, Meera, Kabir have been introducing themselves by standing in line with ordinary people. If he had boasted appreciative boast of nobility, he would surely have been counted in the eyes of the scientists.

It is a matter of lesser pride for a man that he is the crown prince of God. In order to make this title meaningful, he should make his personality and motherhood in a manner which is in conformity with that dignity, for which his personal purity and vigour should be built to a high standard. Private desires should be reduced to such an extent that it can be called non-descript Brahmin. God is also loved more by Brahmin and his superiority is considered among the four varnas. The only reason for this is that his personal subsistence is so simple and pride is so ingrained that one does not feel contempt even in begging — this is the climax of humility — the way every tree of a tree laden with fruit is bent down.

There is only one path to the realization of self-pride and the attainment of public prestige — the virtue of virtue and philanthropy, and the constant tendency in public service. Those who follow this path are considered full of pride and dignity in their own eyes and in the eyes of others. Without it, other trail seekers get entangled in thorns and get stuck in disorientation. The sun, the moon, keep wandering relentlessly for light distribution. The only task for the clouds is to bring water from the sea and to increase coolness and greenness in dry plots. Trees thrive for others, wind moves for others, and fire burns for others — it is the best of dignity that bestows them with respect, beyond what ego fulfilment can be. Man has been sent as the gardener of God’s world-garden and entrusted with the responsibility and readiness to make it beautiful, equitable and cultured. The ego of someone whose height is increased, the more his ego will fade. On this basis, the soul who has been relieved will provide the joy of being free from this body.

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